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A Collage of Cake
February 21, 2012, 11:17 pm
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I’ve realised how few of my other cake projects are on here, so I’m adding the Hitchcakes: Two Hitchcock themed cakes. ‘The Lady Vanishes’ was a blackberry and raspberry lime drizzle cake. Jess and I created it in honor of the keynote speaker at the Graduate conference I was part of organising. The second is a ‘The Birds’ cake for my friend Catherine’s birthday. I almost went insane while making this cake. Tying kebab sticks together with dental floss is not my favourite activity. (The cake underneath is classic sticky ginger. Both the recipes can be found in the BBC goodfood cakes and bakes, a most reliable book!)


February 21, 2012, 11:00 pm
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People usually give up stuff for Lent, right? Like cigarettes, alcohol, or being bitchy etc. Well, I don’t smoke, and I can’t afford to become an alcoholic, and I.. well let’s say nothing about the last one. I don’t actually have any serious expensive health damaging vices, apart from a mother who bakes too much cake. Therefore for Lent I have devised a series of challenges to improve myself:

By the end of Lent I will have:

  • Finish Midnight’s Children which I have been reading FOREVER.
  • Read all 37 plays officially recognized as having been written by Shakespeare.
  • Written and redrafted four short stories/short radio plays/short plays. (These can be rubbish.)
  • Made one dress. (This cannot be rubbish.)
  • Seen at least two pieces of Theatre per week. (This week will be Centralia at the Wardrobe Theatre and The Table at the Tobacco Factory Theatre.)
  • Read seven non-Shakespeare plays.
  • Watched all of the films that I have borrowed off friends and need to give back, i.e. Dark Days, Audition, Bad Lieutenant, that Nanni Moretti film Kwojo lent me and so on.
  • Made seven of the best veggie burgers in the world from the book on said topic. Which means finding some ridiculous ingredients. Get over it!



On a less pious note things I am looking forward to in March are…

…A Blitz Party!

…making a cake for The Alternative Miss Bristol (look on facebook for it), I will be creating a drag queen Isembard Kingdom Brunel, complete with candyfloss sideburns. 

Finally I want to share with you the last cake I created:

The American Beauty inspired George Monbiot cake:


Creative Juice malfunction.
January 26, 2012, 5:57 pm
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I just watched the film ‘Julie and Julia’. I think it was supposed to inspire me. Instead it made me want to drown myself in chocolate sauce. Not metaphorically. Rather I fancied the sugary death supplied by that particular foodstuff, as it seemed appropriate at the time. 

Julie and Julia, judging by the cheerful front cover art and ‘hot pink’ DVD case promised a ‘FEELGOOD’ experience. Instead I was struck by the constant carnality of those involved. They were always fucking or eating. Underpinning this montage of fucking and eating (in the pretense of finding one’s self) was the terrible postmodern fear that nothing new can ever be achieved. Harold Bloom is stood behind the camera laughing manically, if you listen hard you’ll hear it hidden in the sound of Julie and Julia’s frantic whisking.

Instead of resolution and some kind of ‘MY MOTHER FINALLY APPROVES OF ME’ ending, we are told that Julia (The woman who wrote the book which inspired the blog, or is the other way around?) ‘hates’ the blog based on her book. They dismiss her as an old woman who probably doesn’t understand new-fangled technology. Julie and her husband decide it’s better never to meet the woman who brought Julie through the crisis of turning thirty. Julia (JULIE?) will always be in her head as a perfect motherly being. 


 Perhaps actually quite a unusual moral for Hollywood RomComoftheSelf. (<—Look at that Harold Bloom, I just created a new genre to describe narcissistic films like Julie and Julia)

September 26, 2011, 9:23 am
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I’m currently in limbo, finishing off my dissertation. I broke my finger which warranted me getting an extension for two weeks. So now I have a week and half left, and people are disappearing from York whilst I sit in my room reading about concentration camps and ‘The Red Shoes’. This is made much easier by the fact I actually really like my topic. However, all the books I need to dip into at the last second have been taken from the library and I’m drinking far too much tea. All I know is that this is going to a long week and a bit. But come the 4th of October I’ll be blogging and writing again.

I watched Pina [Wim Wenders, 2011] yesterday, and it was stunningly beautiful. I wish it would have shown a whole dance, and I kept wanting to see the faces of the audience. The dvd extras interview with Wim Wenders had such awful sound I wondered why they’d bothered putting it on. You could barely understand what Wenders was saying amongst the babble in the background.

I also saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It was very good, the acting was incredible and I loved the sound design. The framing was gorgeous, the only thing was that the focus pulling felt a little arduous at times. However, I loved that he didn’t patronize the audience into spelling everything out too simply. I felt confused at points, but this was part of the confusion of the film.

Recently I have started finding blogs to follow regularly. Here are three that I really enjoy dipping into:

Ultra Culture | The UK’s Greatest Movie Blog! (Check their own movie links out to find an incredible gallery of online movie gifs. Who knew they could look so stunning? Also ‘The Art of the Title’ is fascinating too.)

A Piece of Monologue: Literature, Philosophy, Criticism (Good links to lots of things about literature)

Studio Lauren (My friend’s blog in which she makes things and takes hilarious and cute pictures/videos of her daughter, Ivy)

I finally use my twitter account a lot more: if you want to find me I am @missknee.

See you on the otherside.

Kneehigh’s The Wild Bride
August 19, 2011, 10:11 am
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As mentioned in an earlier post I am now in Cornwall doing some research for my dissertation and volunteering again with Kneehigh Theatre Company. Last night I saw most of The Wild Bride, their new show which is playing for the next week and half at the Asylum in Cornwall and will be touring the UK afterwards. It was an absolutely beautiful and incredible show, and I’d totally recommend it.

In other news:

A friend of mine has started a website which encourages illustrators to submit pictures to accompany the text of Borges’ The Book of Imaginary Beings, which offers illustrators the chance to exhibit their work and help charities in Oxford.


Finally, a clip from Tales of Hoffman (Powell and Pressburger, 1951)

Oooh isn’t it odd?

Maelstrom Cake
August 4, 2011, 4:19 pm
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My friend Lauren’s birthday cake. It had to be Kwojo-friendly (her partner) so it is dairy-free delicious blueberry and coconut cake with dairy-free soft cheese (I know… What!?) icing. It was tasty and fun to make.

Jokes About Ovaries
August 4, 2011, 4:06 pm
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Research has begun on a devised show called ‘Jokes About Ovaries’, and to celebrate the attitude within the show we have begun a blog in order to share our research with the world.


Please check back for updates on how the show is going, and interesting facts about ovaries. And jokes. Jokes. About. Ovaries. We will find some. I promise. Here is a video of Garfunkel and Oates to celebrate: